Dee Daniels Scholarship Registration

The 2024 Registration Deadline is December 1st, 2023


The Dee Daniels Vocal Jazz Scholarship was established by Dee Daniels and Doug Fleming in 2016 to provide young aspiring jazz vocalists with the opportunity to be mentored by renowned professional jazz artists, and to hone the craft of jazz singing, performance, and music industry business. The scholarship will offer each recipient the opportunity to be inspired, and to inspire others while attending the DeMiero Jazz Fest each year in Edmonds, Washington.

Scholarship Overview:
● The scholarship will provide airfare to and from the festival, room and board in a safe and secure homestay, and a per diem (the amount to be determined each year just prior to the festival and received upon arrival).
● The scholarship will provide a talented young jazz vocalist the opportunity to be mentored by guest artist(s) and clinicians. They will also have an opportunity to expand their jazz vocal skills, knowledge, and practical experience through attending clinics, having private lessons and shadowing guest artist(s), a nd through featured performances with world class jazz musicians as part of the evening concert series.
● Backstage access

● American or Canadian citizen
● Current high school student in grade 9 – 12 active in vocal jazz performance
● Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA
● Demonstrate a high level of self-motivation
● Demonstrate the ability to apply experience and knowledge to performance
● Letter of recommendation from school music director / or professional jazz artist / or accredited jazz music industry professional

Student Application Requirements:
● Submit a short written resumé of musical experiences, including any special recognition (i.e. honor choir, awards, etc.)
● For your audition, submit a total of three individual digital video recordings (each song should be on a
separate video, do not put all three songs on one video). Please include the following and in the following
1) A jazz ballad (first 8 bars a cappella; the rest performed with instrumental
2) A medium or up–tempo swing tune.
3) A bebop, blues or latin (e.g. bossa nova, samba, rhumba) tune.
● Improvisation (scatting) is encouraged on at least one of the pieces. Your music should come from the
appropriate repertoire. Use of a Standards Real Book or Standards Fake Book is acceptable. Original
compositions within the jazz genre are also acceptable.
● All audition submissions must be memorized and performed without sheet music.

Evaluation Criteria:
● Tone Production — the ability to achieve a quality of sound appropriate to the type of voice and to the
style of the music.
● Technique — the degree to which the performer has acquired control of the voice.
● Diction — accurate pronunciation and clear articulation.
● Intonation — singing in tune.
● Interpretation — the ability to accurately express the piece performed with a clear understanding of its
● Phrasing — sensitivity to the need for phrasing and the ability to execute it.
● Timing
Accompaniment Requirements:
● Accompaniment is limited to piano (preferred) or guitar.
● You may accompany yourself (on piano or guitar) keeping in mind only the vocals are being
● Make sure the level of your accompaniment does not overpower the sound of your voice in the

Guidelines for Recording Your Audition:
● Leave the camera in one location. Shoot the vocalist straight on.
● Be sure your image is clear and well–lit. Judges should be able to see your face clearly.
● The camera should be set at a distance to frame your face and body clearly.
● Check for good balance and blend. Please ensure the balance between piano and voice is

Media Submission Requirements:
● After you have recorded your pieces, watch them in playback to make sure you can be seen and heard.
● When uploading, verify the image is upright (not sideways) and plays smoothly.
● Save and name your files with their titles and upload each selection as a separate video file.

Please do not do any of the following as it may disqualify you:
● Do not edit within a piece.
● Do not use special effects, dissolves, fades or wipes.
● Do not submit pre–recorded live performances, such as recitals, concerts, or competitions.

Please send audition recordings to

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